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Occupational Therapy is an allied health science dealing with both physically and mentally ill clients. It is a practice of assessment and intervention to develop and maintain activities of individuals in the day-to-day functions.

Occupational therapy involves in the activities of work, self care, leisure and play to enhance development of skills and possibilities. It may include adapting the work or environment as per the present abilities of the client, to achieve maximum independence and to enhance the quality of life. It is the job of an Occupational Therapist to figure out which areas are affected and how we can assist that person in performing these activities in a more functional and successful way.

It helps the people across their life span to participate in the activities they need to do (Occupations) and develops the children with disabilities to participate in school and social environments providing support for older adults with physical and cognitive changes.


Course Outline

First year

Second Year

Third Year

Fourth Year

Psychology & Sociology General Medicine , General surgery , Pediatrics , Geriatrics , ENT , Ophthalmology and Pharmacology Occupational Therapy in Psychiatry Rehabilitation Medicine
Anatomy Bio-Mechanics , Applied Anatomy and Applied Physiology Occupational Therapy in Paediatrics Clinical Cardio Respiratory and Work Physiology
Physiology Fundamentals for Occupational Therapy practice Occupational Therapy in Orthopaedics and Neurology Organization and Administration in Occupational Therapy
Basic Occupational Therapy Clinical Orthopaedics Health Psychology , Clinical Psychology and Clinical Psychiatry Group Process in Occupational Therapy
Clinical Neurology Community Medicine , Basic Nursing and First Aid Occupational Therapy in Rehabilitation
Project Work


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